The best place for a child is with its parents. We know that better than anyone.





Subaru will star as the main in the movie 味園ユニバース (misono universe), it will be out next year February. He will play a man with amazing singing ability who lost his memory. He cut 30cm off his hair for the role.

One of the scenes to look forward to will be the concert scenes in the movie where he will make use of his singing ability. There will be 5 or 6 original songs to look forward to as well. Nikaido Fumi will play the band’s manager.

The director said that even to him as a man, Subaru looks really cool and he holds a strong appeal as a person. 

Dear eighters,
these have been three precious years. I met wonderful people, talked about things my religion probably doesn’t allow us to even think about and learned more facts about the woman body than watching the whole series of “Exploring The Human Body" or how the fuck you call it in english.
I’ve survived to the endless genocides happened over Yasu’s head because, let’s face the reality, it’s Yasu and you have to accept him as a statement of life - rocks fall, gravity works, that man’s head is a dumpster that probably smells of lavanda.
I’ve survived to Nishi by ignoring his whole being and it worked.
The fatass turned his hair into a tambourine camp and I didn’t utter a word.
Maru you’re precious and perfect. Tacchon. Whatever.
Hina here, take a banana.

But that’s too much.
After this I feel the need to find myself. Stare into the eyes of the abyss and discover what living really means.
Living the hobo life, I dunno, bring my 26735236 cats into a piece of toilet paper over my shoulder and explore the world.

Goodbye fellas.
Hey! Say! Whatever fandom here I come.


I love you


[News] Subaru haircut for Movie "Misono universe" on Feb 2015

Subaru in Movie “Misono universe” on Feb 2015 “The first time in my life” 30 cm haircut Shibuya Subaru Kanjani ∞ first movie starring alone! ! Youth role in the mystery of memory loss with a singing talent.